Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are aluminium extrusions or rubber mouldings,  fitted to the sills of doors.  These provide a transition between adjacent floor surfaces and are of greatest advantage for wheel chairs moving through silled door ways. Ramps are also used where trolleys of all type are used to move goods through door ways.


Access ramps have been designed to withstand heavy pedestrian and wheeled traffic, their low profile designs do not obstruct ambulant or wheelchair traffic at all.


  • The most common rubber ramps although are heavy, are designed to be movable for cleaning, their weight helps keep them in position.
  • Normally rubber  ramps are higher in profile than their aluminium counterparts
  • At any time rubber threshold ramps can be moved from door to door as needed.
  • Aluminium ramps have a much lower profile and are normally fixed in position so they do not slip.
  • Both types of threshold ramps can be cut to size to suit the doorways they are  serving.