Hand Held Shower Systems Everyday from the Delrana Brand of Care Products.

Every day hand held shower systems are what have been sold by Delrana Luxury Showers for the past 30+ years. Our dedication in helping Australian save water has inspired our range of hand shower systems. Along with saving water, we have sourced hand held showers that feel comfortable to hold with a range of light, easy to handle showers. We are pleased to be able to offer to the Australian public a premium range of hand shower sets.


We have high pressure systems as well as systems for low pressure gravity fed, instantaneous and other systems. We have a great selection of handshowers, shower accessories and hoses on offer, not to mention special purpose quick release hose fittings. These products are sought after by occupational therapists and home modification contractors. if your requirements are not shown on our website, please contact our office where someone will be happy to help you.