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Height adjustable wash basin.

The highly flexible Profilo Smart range of adjustable wash basin is user friendly and infinitely adjustable. Thus enabling the user to customize their environment to highest achievable level of comfort. Likewise the circumferencial track surrounds the user with ergonomically adjustable care products.

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Height adjustable wash basin. Continued...

Height adjustable wash basin with surround care products.


Surround-care products  offer left to right and up or down adjustments. Therefore the optimum user preference can be achieved quickly and efficiently. Hoteliers love the versatility of the Profilosmart range of care products.

It is customizable.

Our range of horizontal track covers match every possible style or bathroom design. For this reason, designers have many options to consider in their designs. Furthermore, customers choose from an endless number of colours and textures made from a variety of materials to satisfy the most fastidious design requirements.

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