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Toilet Support Arms

Designers have a choice of comfort and versatility whilst achieving the best design and good looks. In brief, Profilosmart offers the user a dignified, stylish and functional environment.

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Toilet Support Arms:

Profilosmart makes a great range of toilet support arms. As a distributor, we work side by side with Profilosmart to introduce Australians to the range.


  • Firstly, a selection of fixed support arms for permanent positioning.
  • Secondly, select height adjustable support arms for frequent adjustment.
  • For economic reasons builders choose to fit only the wall brackets for height adjustable supports.
  • So only when needed are the support arms installed.
  • Developers choose this method for economic reasons.
  • Developers install height and horizontally adjustable support arms for maximum versatility.
  • To conclude only Horizontal tracks permit lateral adjustment for exact placement to maximise the users comfort.

Designers enjoy a selection of colours and finishes. Lead times for imports apply.

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If you have any enquiries about the range of toilet backrests available for purchase at Axess Trading, or if you have any further questions about a particular product, feel free to get in contact with our friendly and helpful team.

We are committed to providing an exceptional standard of service and communication for our valued clients, and will be happy to assist you with selecting the right backrest for your application.

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