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Track and Cover

Our unique track-cover system is built around three main features.
The track-cover system enables users to easily move and adjust the products and accessories along the track and cover. Therefore, products easily adapt to the user’s needs. The track allows a superior level of comfort and autonomy.

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track and cover

Track with cover 

Customers add or remove products such as toilet support arms, shower seats and many others from the track within minutes.This makes the bathroom ready to adapt to different situations and needs.

It is customizable.

Our range of horizontal track covers match every possible style or bathroom design. For this reason, designers have many options to consider in their designs. Furthermore, customers choose from an endless number of colours, made from a variety of materials.

Special Designer Coatings and Colours

The coated tracks merge into the environment’s ambience when covered in this scientific process. Request your preferred coatings and colours at the time of order.