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Straight Grab Rails

Straight grab rails for bathrooms.

As a leading supplier, we offer you Australia’s largest range of 32mm straight grab rails. We have standard sizes and manufacture custom lengths in our factory.

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Straight grab rails for bathrooms 32mm diameter

Our quality grab rails are popular with builders, repair people, carpenters, property maintenance, and home-modification people. Accordingly stocked sizes range from 300mm to 1200mm in length. Customers can order custom lengths if required.


Satin stainless steel (brushed satin) Powder coated white


Above all our manufactured 32mm straight grab rails comply with the requirements as set out by the Australian Standards. To that end, only suitably qualified trades fit grab rails in order to comply with the Australian Standards and the building code of Australia


As a rule, fitting grab rails to studs or provided in wall blocking wherever possible is essential. In addition, selecting the correct fasteners is paramount. Incidentally, our flanges have five fixing holes. The positioning of the holes allows for the angular positioning of grab rails. Therefore, in most applications, it is possible to fit grab with adequate strength.

Stainless Steel Grab Rail
Satin Finished Grab Rail