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Delrana Luxury Showers Corner shower grab rail

EGHSKR03 – RIVA Hand Held Shower Head

$158.10 Excl GST

Hand held shower.

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Product Description

Hand held shower system with sliding shower bracket

Builders buy this compliant hand held shower system for care showers. Therefore, the hand shower is used with a height adjustable slider bracket. In addition, a rail shower kit consists of a suitable grab rail installed with  a rail shower system.

Furthermore, the Riva shower head delivers a generous standard spray of water suitable for most users. To that end, the silicon rubber nozzles are designed to atomize the spray independently without interference.

rail shower system

Rail shower systems

Likewise the assembly of nozzles provides the famous normal spray loved by users for the feeling of a generous spray. Also, a normal spray is suitable for general shower requirements.

In addition the sliding shower bracket is the hero of the system. By the way, users adjust the hand held shower system head to suit the  ergonomics. Users make adjustments swiftly and accurately.

Hand shower kits

Accordingly, rail shower kits consist primarily  of a vertical grab rails  with a hand shower bracket and or soap dish. As a rule, both of these adjust in multiple directions. Consequently, rail shower systems also consist of corner shower grab rails with vertical rails or alternatively the popular inverted “T”  shaped shower grab rail.

Lastly, a vertical conecta rail makes an ideal addition in a hand held shower system where only a horizontal grab rail prevails. To conclude, the conecta rail is an add on vertical rail that fits to most 32mm rails.

 Rail Shower kits

  •      Single function Riva Hand shower (Chrome) with normal spray
  •      Designer Supply Elbow (Chrome plated brass)
  •      Flow Restrictor
  •      HR Slider premier chrome plated brass hand shower bracket
  •      Chrome Euroflex Hose (see more options)

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Part No Description  Hose Length  Compliance
EGHSKR03.20C Riva – Chrome 2.0 meter Hose WELS 3 Star, 8.5L/min
EGHSKR03.15C Riva – Chrome 1.5 meter Hose WELS 3 Star, 8.5L/min