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Shower Hoses & Accessories

Shower Hoses and Accessories

Customers can choose from a large variety of shower head with hose and shower hose accessories. Furthermore, customers can buy quality double interlock, chrome-plated stainless steel hoses. In addition, nurses and carers choose hygiene hoses for hospitals and healthcare situations. The preferred option for a residential living is the Europlas hose. Switchcocks otherwise known as diverters are a popular addition for wall showers that have an additional hand shower system. Axess Trading is your one-stop-shop for the best handheld shower hoses and heads in Australia.

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$42.50 Excl GST

AC004 – SHOWER ACCESSORIES – Switchcock (Lever Type Diverter)

$23.80 Excl GST

AC035 – SHOWER ACCESSORIES – Adjustable Wall Mounted Shower Bracket

$10.20 Excl GST

Self Hook Supply Elbow

$15.30$18.70 Excl GST


$13.60$17.00 Excl GST

EL041 – SHOWER ACCESSORIES – Designer Supply Elbow

$34.00$37.40 Excl GST

AC003 – SHOWER ACCESSORIES – Shower diverter (Push Pull Type) – No Longer Available

$35.00 Excl GST

AC032 – SHOWER ACCESSORIES – Self Adhesive Wall Mount Shower Bracket

$10.20 Excl GST


$32.30 Excl GST


$27.20$35.70 Excl GST


$27.20$34.00 Excl GST

HS – Shower Hoses

$35.70 Excl GST

Tap Valve Equaliser

$10.20$55.25 Excl GST

AR011 – SHOWER ACCESSORIES – All Directional Arm

$30.60 $18.00 Excl GST

AR001 – SHOWER ACCESSORIES – Fixed Arm Self Flanged

$15.30 $9.00 Excl GST

AC007 – SHOWER ACCESSORIES – LO-FLO Flow Water Control Valve

$10.20 Excl GST

Shower Hoses & Accessories Continued...

Shower hoses and accessories in  Melbourne, Sydney, Perth & Adelaide

Water-Saving and Comfort

Carers love having a wall bracket on the shower wall, therefore placing the hand shower closer to the patient. Users save water whilst controlling the water temperature by choosing the lo-flo water flow controller. Carefully selected hand showers provide the user with the desired spray functions. Lastly, these quality practical products can be adapted to suit any requirements. If you can’t seem to find the handheld shower hose you are looking for, then please call our one of our friendly sales staff and will assist you with your selection.

Have a Question for Our Team?

If you have any inquiries about the best handheld showerhead available for purchase at Axess Trading, or if you would like to find out more about a handheld shower hose we provide, feel free to get in contact with our friendly and knowledgeable team of staff.

We are more than happy to answer any questions for our valued clients, as this is part of our continued dedication to providing an outstanding level of information about the best handheld shower head for you

Submit an inquiry form on our contact page or call us on 1300 138 086 and we will assist you in finding the correct shower head with hose.

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