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Product Description

SHOWER HOSE – Double Interlocked Metalflex 

A shower hose is the most significant part of a hand shower set. End all the frustration of cheap hoses and improve your shower experience with a shower hose made in Europe.  Stainless steel double interlock spiral hoses have an immense tensile strength.

Therefore, they comply with the stringent requirements as set out by the EN1113 standard, which is part of the Australian W.E.L.S compliance requirement. In addition, our shower hoses have chrome-plated cone shaped nuts.These fit seamlessly into most shower brackets.


Simple to install, choose from our range of quality shower hoses, select the length, and colour in our on-line store. Plumbers select 2-meter hoses for rail shower systems in hospitals and aged care environments. Builders use the 1.5-meter hoses frequently for hand held shower sets.

Gravity Fed Shower

Likewise, gravity fed shower systems require hoses that have a large bore to let through adequate amounts of water for a comfortable shower experience. Further, these hoses have proven repeatedly how important the large diameter inner hose is for gravity and low-pressure systems.


 Hose features.shower hose

  •      Chrome Plated Stainless Steel.
  •      Double Interlocked hoses.
  •      Chromeplated Brass cone fittings.
  •      Three lipped nitrile sealing washers.

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 Customer service

If you have any enquiries about the range of shower hoses available for purchase at Axess Trading, or if you would like to find out more about the extended range of products, we provide, feel free to get in contact with our friendly and knowledgeable team of staff.

We are more than happy to answer any questions for our valued clients, as this is part of our continued dedication to providing an outstanding level of service and communication.


Part No Description  Double Interlock (Agraff) Design
HS001 1.5 meter                      Chrome Double Interlock
HS016 2.0 meter                     Chrome Double Interlock
HS020 2.0 meter                     Chrome Big Bore for low pressure and gravity fed systems Double Interlock


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