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Tap Valve Equaliser

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Tap Valve Equaliser

The Delrana tap valve equaliser valve is used by plumbers when a hi-pressure cold water system is used in conjunction with a low-pressure or gravity fed hot water system. Further, the equalizer decreases the flow of the cold water sufficiently to prevent hot water pushback. Moreover, it enhances water control for hot and cold water.

It is a simple drop-in replacement for the existing tap valve as well as a new seat for the tap, made of high-grade engineering quality acetal resin called polyoxymethylene. It provides an ideal seal and has a life expectancy in excess of 20 years. Most importantly, it provides you more efficient and comfortable use of your existing water supply.

Tap valve equaliser benefits.

Allows for easy shower adjustment, fine-tunes water flow, particularly with gravity fed hot water systems. It eliminates the sudden change in shower temperature and positively stops leaking taps, making all other tap valves obsolete, it saves energy & water and carries a 10 year Delrana is guaranty. The life expectancy is in excess of 20 years (Not including o-ring). Made in Australia

tap valve equaliser

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