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Wall Showers

Delrana Wall Shower Sets

The original Marlin showerhead, fixed to the Delrana wall shower sets, a favourite in homes, hotels and for commercial use. As a result of the design this shower head has a strong focused flow rate yet comfortable and rewarding. Consequently, it is suitable for any shower application. Furthermore, the self-cleaning rubber nozzles on the Delrana Shower head help with uninterrupted flow. Moreover, in hard water areas, many showerheads become blocked, but the Marlin is easy to clean. By just rubbing the nozzles, the shower flow for hard water areas will continue to flow. For the same reason the marlin is popular in the home, in student accommodation, motels, hotels and camping sites.

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wall shower head

R110 – Shower Head

$18.70 Excl GST
marlin shower rose on fixed arm


$27.20 $16.00 Excl GST

Types and configurations for wall showers.

Marlin shower head on a fixed arm.

Marlin showerhead on an all-directional / high-rise arm.

Having 1/2” thread it fits most existing shower outlets.

Used on a fixed arm or all directional shower arm.

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