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Care Bathrooms-Surround Care

Profilosmart care bathrooms.

Aging and disability also means that care bathrooms need to be adaptable for today and adjustable for tomorrow’s needs. No matter what the users need is care bathrooms and disabled bathrooms with surround care products provide the flexibility for disabled bathrooms and elderly care bathrooms.

People with reduced mobility are well aware of this truth. In order to help remove as many physical limitations as possible, we design and manufacture products pursuing a fundamental belief: The care bathrooms have to adapt to people and not the other way around.

Future focused disabled bathrooms.

We understand that we will always be better if we aim to improve elderly care bathrooms. Above all, we create something that truly connects real products with work and life missions, not only short term needs. In other words, we design and make products that are useful and relevant now and in the future.

Utility and beauty of elderly care bathrooms

We believe that carefully considered and designed artefacts enhance the beauty of the environment. The look of any product is integral to its usefulness because products used daily have  a profound effect on people and their well-being. However, useful design fulfils its intended function – building on sustainability by using durable materials for design and lasting appearance.

Dynamic mindset about elderly care bathrooms

Adapting the disabled care bathrooms

environment brings many advantages. We provide flexible solutions that grow with the needs of the user. Therefore, we focus our passion and confidence on the future. Moreover, our products make a difference in people’s lives. In addition, they support and encourage a culture of architecture and innovation.

The design aspect of these beautiful and architecturally pleasing products includes colours and textures. These features blend in to the design and colour coding of the room. In doing so it transforms, the entire ambience of the room into a pleasing and reassuring space.

Consider the look and the feel of the care bathroom itself:

Very quickly, design choices become stereo typical by deploying a one size fits all solution, such as AS1428 for public accessible toilets. It is a well-researched guideline and has an important place in a general solution. However, it also has design limitations in that it is not aesthetically or architecturally pleasing to the discerning user.

Therefore, we believe in offering the discerning client a product that has superior functionality and a pleasing aesthetic appeal for their residential care bathroom

A consideration for developer’s designers and architects of residential retirement villages.

It is possible to install adjustable toilet support arms without using the horizontal track system, By  only the installing the vertical track for the support arms the actual arm itself only needs be put on if and when it is needed. This option allows developers to save costs on deploying unnecessary products whilst still having the facility to do so.

Walls of bathrooms require strengthening in those areas designated for product installation.

Another option is also available by installing the horizontal track system in required areas or as all-round feature. This offers the options of adding individual components as required by the residents. The beauty of this option of course allows endless positioning options for add on products. In addition users enjoy optimised ergonomics considering their physical disposition. Health depends not only on the care we receive from our healthcare professionals, but also on the environments, in which we live, work and play. Research shows us that patients recover faster and workers are happier in sensitively designed places. 

At Profilo Smart, all our products go beyond the functional to address that perfect balance between beauty and utility. Our elegant and versatile tracking system, unlimited colour palettes and beautiful accessories allow architects and designers to create stunning bathrooms that offer endless design possibilities for positive, supportive environments.

Healthcare is changing for good.

When they have choices, patients have a sense of control that helps them feel more empowered, engaged and less stressed. We seem to be expanding our focus beyond treating illness, to include wellness and wellbeing. Also patients, their families and health professionals are actively participating throughout the continuum of care. We work with leading healthcare organisations to create safe and efficient bathroom solutions. The Profilosmart products inspire greater connection, empathy and wellbeing for everyone involved in the experience of health.

Ageing population.

An ageing population is a worldwide phenomenon. In 1999, 10% of the World’s population were aged 60 years or more, a figure expected to grow to 29% in 2050. With an aging population, where a large proportion has grown up travelling, tour operators may soon find their core customer evolving with this demographic change. There is a direct link between age and disability. A person is 14 times more likely to have a disability by the time they reach65 years old than a four-year old. What’s more, unlike past generations, this group of individuals are seeking an active and adventurous experience for their post work lives. Therefore,  tourism is an important component of their quest for life experiences.

Lost potential.

Evidence suggests there is substantial volume in the accessible tourism market; however, an analysis of the available information demonstrates that only a very small percentage of the market addresses the needs of accessible tourism. An estimation that over 37 percent of European citizens do not take holidays due to perceived barriers to accessible travel. We are proud to provide a range of dedicated adaptable solutions. Our products  enhance comfort, safety and dignity in the bathroom and meet various needs for a variety of individual users and types of facilities. Profilosmart

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Care Bathrooms
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We want to ensure that everybody can feel safe and comfortable in the bathroom, no matter their accessibility requirements. Our aim is for people to have access to high quality safety and accessible bathroom products Australia-wide.


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