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Banister Rails

 Bannister rails for home and outdoors.

Custom  banister rails refers to the hand rails on the side of stairs. Hand rails give support wherever people need additional support. Builders install banister rails for indoor or outdoor use.

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Bannister rails

We manufacture high-quality custom bannister rails  to suit your requirement. Good hand rail design increases support for people ascending or descending stairways and escalators in order to prevent injurious falls. Banister rails and Handrails typically need support by posts or wall mountings.

Builders mostly but not exclusively install 38mm handrails for outdoor fall prevention. Therefore, people most commonly require hand rails along garden paths, access ramps and stairways.

Bannister info for the installer.

These handy banister rails and components, take away the hard work of custom-built rails. In addition, builders design their own layouts using these rail components. Furthermore simply select the appropriate components and rails, some cutting ensures the Taylor made solution to your project. For sturdy rail support, builders concrete the posts into the ground. Once the concrete sets, the final rail height is determined. At this point, builders cut the posts to the required heights.

Cleaning Indoor Stainless Steel Railings

Do not think indoor stainless steel railings require minimal cleaning compared to outdoor stainless steel railings. Indoor stainless steel Banister rails  need cleaning just as often as other stainless steel surfaces. Our advice is to clean the stainless steel railings every 6 to 12 months.

To remove finger marks, dust or dirt, get a damp cloth and wipe with old newspaper to dry. For marks that are harder to remove, get a scotch bright and wipe the marks off. Never use steel wool or abrasive cleaning tools when cleaning the stainless steel railings. These tools will cause unsightly scratches on the surface of the material.

Cleaning Outdoor Stainless Steel Rails

Outdoor stainless steel rails endure the elements as well as air pollution and so on. You will have to clean the stainless steel bannister rails more often to reduce the chances of developing brown spots. For outdoor stainless steel railings, we recommend cleaning in 3 to 4 month intervals.