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Threshold Ramps

Anti-slip threshold ramps or wheelchair ramps consist of aluminum extrusions or rubber moldings, fitted to the sills of doors.  In fact, ramps provide a transition between adjacent floor surfaces. Therefore, this feature offers a great advantage for wheelchair users moving through doorways. Builders install ramps where trolleys need a smooth transition through doorways.

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Mobility Access Ramps

Mobility ramps are a necessity for wheelchair users, allowing them to move safely from one area to another. A ramp is an inexpensive and convenient transition element in any split-level environment.

Access Ramp Design

Our access to ramps design allows wheelchair ramps to withstand heavy pedestrian and wheeled traffic. In addition, their low profiles do not obstruct ambulant or wheelchair traffic at all. However, most ramp designers do not consider the general safety aspect such as anti-slip. Therefore, we have designed our new threshold ramp with anti-slip in mind.

Wheelchair Ramp Features

Aluminium Threshold Ramps with anti-slip provision for additional safety.

Each wheelchair ramp comes with free water-resistant anti-slip adhesive tape, which is great when negotiating doorways by wheelchair.

The most common rubber ramps although are heavy, are designed to be movable for cleaning, their weight helps keep them in position.

Normally rubber ramps have a higher profile than their aluminium counterparts do.

It remains easy to move rubber ramps from place to place as required. This feature makes these handy ramps a popular option for most doorways. Aluminium ramps have a much lower profile and builders fix these into position so they do not slip.

Builders cut threshold ramps to size on-site to ensure the required fit.

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