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Threshold ramps 19mm high suitable for doorways up to 1.5m wide now come with free anti slip tape for additional safety and fall prevention.

Threshold Ramps

The purpose of access ramps and threshold ramps  is to facilitate a smooth transition through doorways for people using wheel chairs or where trolleys get used.

Threshold ramps and wheelchair ramps consist of an extruded aluminium profile with anodized surface finish for long term service. The question sometimes gets asked why anodised .


The primary reason for anodising is to provide a pleasing finish to the ramp as well as giving the surface a wear resistant surface .

Furthermore a wheelchair ramp present a cost effective method to providing safe wheelchair access through doorways. In addition a ramp height of 19mm high suits most doorways.

In the mean time, each ramp comes with one roll of anti slip grit tape to suit the 3 grooves. Once the wheelchair ramp is securely in place peel and stick tape is easy to apply.

Anti Slip Wheelchair Ramps

Not all threshold ramps are equal. For instance, some ramps have three grooves as illustrated below for the purpose of applying anti slip tape. In brief, our design allows for the anti slip tape due to popular demand from our customers.

Consequently, It is quite understandable to have an anti slip feature for these ramps especially when wet.

Moreover, builders often provide architrave  grab rails. for additional safety for ambulant traffic through doorways that have ramps fitted.

As seen below, we provide lengths of 1.5meters long because most doorways require at least 1.2meter for a reasonable wheelchair ramp provision and so builders can cut these to size on site.

In addition to that, the 1500mm lengths come with free anti slip grit tape for optional insertion into the provided tape grooves as indicated on the illustrated drawing.

Part No Description
TR19-1500 19mm Sill - 1500mm Wide - 150mm Ramp (with free anti-slip grit tape)

Wheelchair Ramp Features

Wheelchair ramp with anti-slip provision for additional safety. Each wheelchair ramp comes with free water resistant anti-slip adhesive tape, which is great when negotiating doorways by wheelchair.

The most common rubber ramps although are heavy, are designed to be movable for cleaning, their weight helps keep them in position. Normally rubber ramps have a higher profile than their aluminium counterparts do.

It remains easy to move rubber ramps from place to place as required. This feature makes these handy ramps a popular option for most doorways. Aluminium ramps have a much lower profile and builders fix these into position so they do not slip.


Builders cut threshold ramps to size on site to ensure the required fit.

Australian Standards apply to public buildings. Therefore, it is not compulsory to apply the standard for private dwellings. However, builders use the recommendations as a guide to ensure the safest and most effective ramp access.

The gradient recommended is 1:8 with a maximum surface length of 280mm. For ramps located at the entrance of a doorway, ensure that the rise is within 35mm.

Imagine using a wheel chair and wanting to traverse through a door way , only to find that the wheels slip on the ramp due to insufficient traction. Our ramps change that scenario to one of ease of movement and no more traction.

  • Designed for doorways.
  • Anodised aluminium.
  • Anti-slip good traction strips in the ramp.
  • Lightweight, easy to install.
  • Maximum ramp capacity 200kg
  • Aluminium threshold ramps do not rust.
  • Aluminium ramps are much lighter than the rubber counterparts and therefore shipping costs less.
  •  threshold ramps

wheelchair ramp

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