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Product Description

Modular Tubing

Modular  tubes  are used to connect modular grab rail components together to form the desired grab rail configuration.This  modular tubing is available in stainless steel for the satin and peened finishes. Aluminium modular tubes  are used for all the powder coated colours. Both materials stainless steel and aluminium are corrosion resistant and are therefore ideal for wet areas, such as bathrooms and toilets.

Modular tube finishes

Satin (brushed finish) stainless steel, almond ivory ripple, almond ivory gloss, white ripple , white gloss and peened finish. The peened finish makes the modular tubes grippier than other smooth finishes. Considering this option for wet areas may be advantageous for the user.

In order for modular grab rail elements to fit into the modular tubes the tube ends have to be swaged to a smaller diameter.

modular tubing

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