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Braille Signage

Materials used for braille signs

Indeed the PVC in braille signage has a depth of up to 3mm. That is to say, that injection moulded signage cause all graphics to be of a continuous nature. Undoubtedly, hygiene and compliance with the Building Code of Australia are the most important factors. Therefore the letters and dots are fixed and will not dislodge, as they are part of the moulding. Moreover moulded signage means that there will be no adhesive failure on symbols, letters or braille dots, which in turn extend the life of each sign.

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Braille Signage Continued...

There are two Sign sizes depending on content.

180mm x 180mm x 3mm & 180mm x 210mm x 3mm


To explain, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) contains requirements and standards for braille and tactile signage in section D3.6. Of the code.

Where signs are required, the form of signs shall be as follows:

Where required, raised tactile and or braille signage shall be provided as follows:

Unisex accessible sanitary facilities have the international symbol of access and male and female symbols.

Signage for unisex accessible facilities has the letters LH or RH to indicate a left-hand or right-hand side transfer onto the WC pan.  The min font size shall be 20 mm san serif.

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