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TR – Rubber Threshold Ramps

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Buy Best Quality Rubber Threshold Ramp in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth & Adelaide

Rubber Threshold Ramps

Our high-quality rubber threshold ramps are designed to assist in mobility over obstacles such as bumps and steps. They are safe, durable and are perfect for any uneven surfaces around the house or facility. They can be positioned at doorways for easy access for areas with high wheeled and foot traffic. Their design ensures they are sturdy and will lower the risk of slips, tripping and provide a smooth transition for wheelchairs. Our rubber threshold ramps are available in two sizes, 1010mm Wide x 200mm and 1140mm Wide x 400mm.

Part No Description
TR025.1010 25mm Sill – 1010mm Wide x 200mm Ramp
TR050.1140 50mm Sill – 1140mm Wide x 400mm Ramp