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Custom Grab Rails

Do you need to have custom grab rails manufactured? We can help you with your specific size and design requirements. Our factory can produce shower grab rails, toilet grab rails, bath and disability, stair grab rails and many more grab rails no matter what your need is.

Custom manufactured grab rails from Axess Trading Pty Ltd.

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Custom Grab Rails Made To Your Measurements

For most of us to design custom grab rails and handrails can be a daunting task to say the least, especially where space does not permit the use of std. sized grab rails. So be sure to have the required dimensions and handing available before contacting us. Also, drawings or a sketch and photograph helps a lot before proceeding with manufacture. Furthermore, it is always handy to use the existing studs as fixing points. Similarly, the positioning of intermediary support brackets is important for load distribution.

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Especially where space limits the use of std. sized rails. However, at Axess Trading Pty Ltd we manufacture custom grab rails for customers. Therefore, send your drawings to our friendly customer service for a free quotation. All grab rails are fully TIG welded and satin (brushed finished) In conclusion please note that the grab rail tube diameter we work with at Axess Trading Is  Ø25mm, Ø32mm, and Ø38mm having a wall thickness of 1.2mm. In addition, all our fabricated grab rails are TIG welded for strength and serviceability.

Contact our friendly sales team for your quotation.


Satin stainless steel (brushed finish) is the most common. Think about the practicality and functionality of the grab rail before deciding to read more…


Modular grab rails from Axess Trading are often a preferred and an easier option for unusual configurations or sizes. Consider this option as they also come in a powder-coated finish of white and almond ivory.

custom grab rails

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