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Care Showers

Builders and plumbers install home care showers with flexible hoses in disabled bathrooms such as wet rooms where carers bathe people with injuries and disabilities or in aged care homes. In these instances, patient comfort is of paramount importance. We measure this comfort in water temperature, the type of spray, and the volume of water and so on. In family situations hand shower systems combined with wall showers provide a good option.

The way it works is by means of a bathroom shower head diverter offering the user to use either the wall shower rose or the hand held shower head. In addition, installing wall hook at a lower height helps with placing the hand shower set on the wall bracket.  Water diverters allow for easy switching from wall shower rose to hand held  shower head. Occupational therapist consider care showers for patient home modification options.

Important aspects of  disabled bathrooms

Important aspects of  shower heads in the area of spray pattern,  head size and weight especially when filled with water. For carers it is important to have hand showers that are grippy in wet conditions. In short the ergonomics of hand showers play an important role.

Shower Hoses

Shower hoses play a big role in care showers in some instances the hose need to be longer. Moreover, carers sometimes bathe patient in wheel chairs or shower seats where hose length is very important. Furthermore, builders and plumbers consider backflow prevention regulations with the use of longer shower hoses.

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Disabled Bathrooms

Home Care Showers In Disabled Bathroom

Shower grab rails and accessories play an important roll in disabled bathrooms. Consequently  shower rails with a vertical grab rail will have a hand shower bracket  fitted to the grab rail. In doing so the vertical grab rail serves as a height adjustable shower rail as well as a grab rail. We have to remember that disabled people have a totally different perspective of their shower compartment.Furthermore,  every aid in the form of grab rails or other accessories play a much bigger role that we perceive.

Home Care  Shower Seats

Our folding shower seats come in a range of different seat sizes, including 960mm, 600mm and 450mm. To ensure complete comfort and safety, all products come with textured, anti-slip seats and drainage holes to ensure water drainage while showering. Our frames made from quality stainless steel that is powder coated and corrosion resistant to ensure longevity. Our range designed for wall mounting, ensuring the shower seat is secure at all times.

For smaller showers with limited space – or for those who require greater flexibility – we  offer designer folding seats. With a stainless steel polished frame and acrylic slip resistant seats they fold away to allow for increased shower space.

Benefits of Disabled Bathroom Shower Seats

Showers for the elderly and disabled can greatly benefit from our range of quality chairs. Designed with safety, comfort and durability in mind, they promote independence and are a welcome addition to disabled showers, hospital bathrooms or private homes.In addition to chairs, we also stock an extensive range of grab rails, toilet backrests, hand shower kits and more. Non slip floors increasingly become a point of dicussion with flooring specialists. The natural trend points in the direction of ceramic floortiles whilst the hygiene factor votes for vinyl flooring.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms  mean  shower rooms that do away with the shower screen and tray, and have an open, fully tiled shower area . In Australia a wet room is typically referred to an open bathroom, where the entire room  becomes the shower cubicle.  The trend in architectural design is to do away with enclosed shower cubicles. The reality for most people is that your bathroom is on the small side you probably will need to include a shower screen to prevent everything getting sprayed. To have wheel chair access though means to do away with shower bases and the idea is to slope the floor to a centrally positioned drain or even a lineal drain.

Hygiene is another aspect that drives the progress and interest of wet bathrooms. Also hosing down a wet room has its hygiene benefits. This principal has been around for many years in our hospitals and makes sense to use in residential spaces.

Care Showers For The Hospitality Industry

Discreet and elegant design, Made in italy . A common problem with accessible bathrooms is that architects usually have to sacrifice beauty for functionality. Profilo Smart allows you to avoid compromises: the result is a better functionality and a flawless design. The very discreet design of Profilo Smart, allows you to hide the system in plain sight, camouflaging it within the style of the environment. Profilo Smart takes pride in its Italian heritage: all of our products are designed and made in Italy in a state of the art facility

Builders and developers can buy these products from Axess Trading please note the import lead-time required especially  for  specially textured and finished styles. In some instances special care and planning ensures timely delivery of these beautyful products. Builders developers and architects alike are more than welcome to request a converstaion about compliancy concerns or requirements.

Availability of Shower Heads

We hope that all of the above points raise a higher level of consideration for the care shower environment.

Customers can buy these products on line , contact Axess Trading today on 1300 138 086. We are more than happy to provide advice and assistance

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We want to ensure that everybody can feel safe and comfortable in the bathroom, no matter their accessibility requirements. Our aim is for people to have access to high quality safety and accessible bathroom products Australia-wide.


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