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AB43 – 38mm Banister Rail Return End

$36.00$63.00 Excl GST

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Product Description

38mm Bannister rail tube with 180° return end.

Bannister rail return end offers the user a confidence inspiring feel. This self supporting size is used for the post as well as for the rail. Most builders prefer a post spacing of no more than 2 meters to achieve an optimum result. Builders also order custom manufactured bannister rails for special requirements  from our customer service team. What is a swaged end after all ? A swaged end enables two similar tube to be joined together by means of the reduced diameter of the swaged end which fits into the tube to be joined . Furthermore a dress ring hides any joints from being directly visible other than the ring itself which is manufactured of stainless steel as well and has a minimalistic appearance and smooth feel. To that end we supply one dress ring with every tube (swaged on one end)

General tube size = ∅38mm x 1.2mm wall thickness.

bannister rail tube

Bend 180

How to order ( see the table below)
Part No Banister rail with °180 Return Bend Finish
AB43.500 38mm x 500mm Satin Finish (Brushed finish)
AB43.500S 38mm x 500mm (swaged end) Satin Finish (Brushed finish)
AB43.1000 38mm x 1000mm Satin Finish (Brushed finish)
AB43.1000S 38mm x 1000mm (swaged end) Satin Finish (Brushed finish)
AB43.1500 38mm x 1500mm  Satin Finish (Brushed finish)
AB43.1500S 38mm x 1500mm (swaged end ) Satin Finish (Brushed finish)
AB43.2000 38mm x 2000mm Satin Finish (Brushed finish)
AB43.2000S 38mm x 2000mm (swaged end) Satin Finish (Brushed finish)
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