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Corner Shower Grab Rails and disabled Shower Grab Rails

Corner shower grab rails and disabled shower grab rails optimize the ergonomics in a shower environment. Furthermore, disabled shower grab rails primarily serve as fall prevention and bathroom safety equipment.

During the design and layout stages of the bathroom designers and builders alike consider all the aspects of the washroom. For example, in some instances, shower seats feature in the design and the positioning of these according to the building code of Australia.

Moreover, easy oversight is a space when installing foldaway shower seats to ensure the fold-up position in regards to conflicting grab rails.

For this purpose designers, architects and builders consider important design aspects such as adding a sliding soap dish or an adjustable sliding shower bracket. These seemingly insignificant aspects help to avoid bigger issues during the fit-off stages.

Disabled shower grab rails on the building site.

Builders and architects know how busy building sites are. Therefore, space is an issue for all the different trades to do their work all at once. Also, it becomes even more daunting for the plumber or carpenter to fit off corner shower grab rails such as a corner shower rail in bathrooms.

For that reason, we have designed the connecta® rail. Carpenters and plumbers ensure the positioning before the installation of the vertical connecta® rail. Besides, errors do occur during the design or building stages.

And it so happens that mixer taps can be in a conflicting space of the prescribed position of the vertical rails or perhaps the carpenter did not provide adequate blocking in the wall to fix the rail’s in those instances there is no issue in fitting the connecta®rail to the horizontal grab rail.

Considerations for plumbers and Hydraulic engineers.

To that end design aspect around disabled corner shower grab rails includes hand shower heads, shower hoses, water supply elbows, and backflow prevention provisions. Likewise, aspects of showerheads in the area of spray pattern,  head size, and weight especially when filled with water. read more…..

Vertical rail options for disabled shower grab rails.corner shower grab rails

The Connecta® design allows for versatility in handling and fitting the product as well as for cheaper freight costs.  In some instances installing a vertical rail is a retrospective decision.

However, builders and carpenters install these to the horizontal rail after the horizontal grab rail installation. The connecta®  rail design allows fitment at any positioning to suit stud fixings in the wall.

Do you need more information about shower grab rails? Please contact us on 1300138086 or contact us….

Corner shower grab rails with connecta® or fully welded vertical rail –

(Sliding shower bracket not included)corner shower grab rails

Part No Description A D
EGS20.10.SCCR As Shown (Left) 750mm 1000mm
EGS20.11.SCCR Opposite Hand 750mm 1000mm
EGS20.20.SCCR As Shown (Left) 1000mm 1000mm
EGS20.21.SCCR Opposite Hand 1000mm 1000mm
EGS20.30.SCCR As Shown (Left) 750mm 750mm
EGS20.31.SCCR Opposite Hand 750mm 750mm
EGS20.40.SCCR As Shown (Left) 900mm 900mm
EGS20.41.SCCR Opposite Hand 900mm 900mm

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Optional grab rail accessories

RA017RETSD-Premier-Soap-Dish        SHOWER GRAB RAILS WITH VERTICAL CONNECTA 22     disabled shower grab rails

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