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Delrana Luxury Showers

SYSCPA – Home modification hand showers

$40.00$41.00 Excl GST
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Product Description

Home modification hand showers.

A well modified bathroom includes home modification hand showers, these important aspects help to maintain your bathroom independence. Therefore, requesting an occupational therapy assessment, helps in selecting recommended options .

Moreover, this includes bathroom and toilet modifications for access, safety and your function in performing self-care tasks for you and your carer. Also, our home modification hand showers offer the user multiple improvement options.

For the home modification hand showers installer.

Installers buy custom selected hand held shower sets from Axess Trading Pty Ltd. Furthermore, Installers select the parts needed and we include those in pre-packed systems. As most plumbers and installers in the home-modification industry have their preferred  way of doing things.

We also pack custom shower systems.

In some instances drilling into tiles in bathrooms presents problems , and for those instances a no drill hand shower option is preferred. See our easyfit shower option…. 

For the builder

In some situations builders and installers consider grab rail shower systems depending on the recommendations . Additionally occupational therapists consider bathroom safety first and foremost. Comparatively ot’ s recommend hand held shower systems with 2.0m long hoses for instances where carers bathe people.

Similarly carers prefer the Marlin hand shower because of the reasonably small shower head that gives the hand shower a light feel and easy to use spray pattern. Equally important, a good result is the combination of  the Marlin hand shower and the metal flex shower hose.

Need more information?

Contact our friendly customer service at 1300138086. Or purchase on line.


Supplied With:

  •      Preferred Handshower ie: Riva, Marlin or Piper.
  •      Pinned Supply Elbow
  •      Wall Hook
  •      Swivel Elbow
  •      2.0m Metalflex Hose


Part No Description
SYS110CPA Marlin Handshower Chrome WELS 3 Star 8.0L/min
SYS210CPA Riva Handshower Chrome WELS 3 Star 8.5L/min
SYS230CPA Piper Handshower Chrome WELS 3 Star 7.5L/min

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