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Axess shower curtains.

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 Shower curtains. 

Axess  curtains with a jacquard weave and a box stripe pattern. In addition, our  curtains have a weighted hem. In brief, our shower curtains feature excellent quality for use in hygiene intensive applications. Therefore, people use these in homes, hospitals,  retirement villages and commercial applications. To that end our curtains are well suited for shower curtain rails and curtain tracks. Also, shower curtain maintenance consists of regular machine washing. Choosing high quality axess  curtains. Consequently, keeping your corner shower curtain clean will do wonders for its durability and long-term service. Our white polyester shower curtains offer a pleasing box stripe pattern suitable for most washrooms.

Shower curtains.

Our superior curtain quality offers durability even after frequent laundry schedules. In addition, the weighted hem ensures straight hanging curtains every time. The most popular deployment of our axess shower curtains is on aluminium curtain tracks and stainless steel curtain rails. Mildew-resistant polyester is a popular shower curtain material. On the contrary, people believe it is not suitable for a humid environments. However, it is not only  material mildew resistant but also has fire-retarding quality.



Part No Width  Drop
SC1318 1300mm 1800mm
SC1320 1300mm 2000mm
SC1818 1800mm 1800mm
SC1820 1800mm 2000mm
SC2018 2000mm 1800mm
SC2020 2000mm 2000mm
SC2218 2200mm 1800mm
SC2220 2200mm 2000mm
SC2418 2400mm 1800mm
SC2420 2400mm 2000mm
SC2618 2600mm 1800mm
SC2620 2600mm 2000mm
SC3018 3000mm 1800mm
SC3020 3000mm 2000mm


axess shower curtains