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R110 – Shower Head

$15.40 Excl GST

The Marlin wall shower head from Delrana luxury showers.



Product Description

Marlin Single Spray Shower Head

For many people using a wall shower head is a relaxing experience. So the Marlin shower heads provides this simple pleasure for thousand of Australians. That is to say that the Marlin shower head presents  as a quality modern single spray shower head  with self cleaning rubber nozzles on a hi rise arm with all-directional adjustment. Furthermore some of the features include, a Quality Brass Ball Joint,  a Chrome Plated Brass Hi-Rise Arm. In addition, these great shower heads have soft silicone nozzles to free up any calcification or debris. Conclusively  this is a  great shower head for any shower situation, may looks not deceive you. Conclusively it delivers a normal spray with plenty water of 8.5 liters per minute.

Installation of a wall shower head

Installation is easily done,  and the half inch bsp female thread fits  most existing water outlets in shower cubicles. However, we do recommend using a qualified plumber at all times. Shower arms offer you the reach you require to any shower head. Designed to maximize comfort level and to perfectly fit your shower set up, these shower arms and heads come in different sizes, styles and configurations.

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shower head

Part No Description  Compliance
R110CP Marlin Shower Head – Chrome WELS 3 Star, 8.5L/min

R110 - Shower Head 12

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