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ABTube – 38mm BANNISTER TUBE – with or without Swaged Ends

$21.00$42.00 Excl GST

Bannister tubes fit into banister rail fittings to enable the construction of most banister rail designs. Builders cut tubes on site to suit the design .This feature makes the process relatively easy and prevents the need for custom fabricated rails.


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38mm Bannister tube

Bannister  tube with 38mm diameter offers the user a confidence inspiring feel. This self supporting size is used for the post as well as for the rail. Most builders prefer a post spacing of no more than 2 meters to achieve an optimum result. Builders also order custom manufactured bannister rails for special requirements  from our customer service team. What is a swaged end after all ? A swaged end enables two similar tube to be joined together by means of the reduced diameter of the swaged end which fits into the tube to be joined . Furthermore a dress ring hides any joints from being directly visible other than the ring itself which is manufactured of stainless steel as well and has a minimalistic appearance and smooth feel. To that end we supply one dress ring with every tube (swaged on one end)

How to order ( see the table below)
Bannister tube
Banister Tube
Part NoBanister rail tube lengthFinish
AB100038mm x 1000mmSatin Finish (Brushed finish)
AB1000S38mm x 1000mm (swaged one end)Satin Finish (Brushed finish)
AB150038mm x 1500mmSatin Finish (Brushed finish)
AB1500S38mm x 1500mm (swaged one end)Satin Finish (Brushed finish)
AB200038mm x 2000mmSatin Finish (Brushed finish)
AB2000S38mm x 2000mm (swaged one end)Satin Finish (Brushed finish)

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ABTube - 38mm BANNISTER TUBE - with or without Swaged Ends 1

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