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32mm Shower Grabrails – Horizontal Corner Shower Grabrail

A corner shower grabrail is the most versatile grabrail for any corner shower compartment. Legs A and B of the corner shower grabrail come in a selection of lengths as listed below. Builders buy horizontal shower rails in our on-line store. In addition the shower grabrail can be enhanced tremendously by adding a vertical Connecta® rail with hand shower bracket and soap dish.

Read more about the brilliant Connecta® rail….

The Connecta® offers an opportunity to add a 32mm tube to any existing grab rail . Sometimes it is neccessary to add a vertical shower rail to a horizontal grabrail. So the Connecta® provides the solution. Moreover the Connecta® grab rail can be connected to any configuration in a matter of minutes.

This quick enhancement makes a world of difference to the users  shower experience. Alone the ergonomics and accesibility of a fully adjustable shower bracket and soap dish make all the difference.

Fitment of a corner shower grabrail

Builders and other trades ensure that there is adequate timber blocking in the wall cavity for the successful installation of weight bearing fall prevention hardware. Likewise we supply generic stainless steel fasteners with every purchased corner shower grabrail, however these may not be suitable for all substrates . We do recommend the use of good quality stainless steel fasteners for corosion prevention and rust stain prevention.

If you need help in chhosing your corner shower grab rail suitable for your specific project , please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team at 1300 138 086


Corner shower grab rail

Part No Description A B
EGS22.10.SCX As Shown (Left) 750mm 1000mm
EGS22.11.SCX Opposite Hand 750mm 1000mm
EGS22.20.SCX As Shown (Left) 1000mm 1000mm
EGS22.21.SCX Opposite Hand 1000mm 1000mm
EGS22.30.SCX As Shown (Left) 750mm 750mm
EGS22.31.SCX Opposite Hand 750mm 750mm
EGS22.40.SCX As Shown (Left) 900mm 900mm
EGS22.41.SCX Opposite Hand 900mm 900mm
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