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Drop Down Toilet  Rail

The drop down toilet rail is an Australian designed and manufactured product and are a perfect choice when needing hand rails for disabled toilets. For that reason, builders buy the helpful toilet drop down toilet rail for retrofitting disabled washrooms. 

Materials and finishes:

We Manufacture these from 32mm dia Stainless Steel tube  with a folded sheet metal wall bracket and capped fixings. More over these durable quality products  are available in satin Stainless Steel  or in powder coated  colours to order.       

 IP-nurse call point provision is available for T40 drop down toilet rail.                                                 

Nurse Call has come a long way. Today, nurse call systems are sophisticated data platforms, and the application of IP technology is what set this evolution in motion. Internet Protocol (IP) technology is what powers the internet, and it functions in much the same way for nurse call points.

IP Components

The components of the nurse call system – call points, lights, touchscreens, and master stations – talk to servers, just as your browser does when you visit a website.

An IP-nurse call point provision is available for T40 drop down toilet grab rail. The nursecall provision is suited fo IP call point installation When configuring nurse call hardwiring correctly, adding new units, wings, buildings, or geographic areas is easy. Please notice that the nursecall provision caters for left hand and right hand orientation.

drop down toilet grab rail


Unique EISEGRIP® “Autohold” mechanism that allows the rail to remain safely in the up or down position. Easy one hand motion to raise or lower rail without effort. Engineered hub design gives smooth motion. Rubber bumper prevents the rail rail from hitting the wall when placed in the upright position. Optional IP Nursecall provision to suit IP call points.

The above-listed features make this a perfect choice for drop down rails for disabled needs. Secondly, there are no cumbersome levers or knobs to raise or lower the rail. In addition, the factory fitted toilet roll holders and nurse-call provisions are optional extras made to order.Furthermore, when the wall adjacent to the application is not suitable to fit the T40 drop down grab rail we offer the alone standing T41 post.

For the builder.

Sometimes a drop down rail is needed in a fascility where the walls cannot handle the loading of a person supporting themselves on the rail.To that end the post design enables relatively easy installation. The drop down toilet grab rails  fit directly to the EGT41 post by means of 4 M8 set screws and the post base is directly mountable to the floor using substrate specific fasteners.

drop down toilet rail

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Eisegrip Products

Drop Down Toilet Rail

Part No Description
EGT40.S Standard – Satin Finish
EGT40.S.TR With Toilet Roll Holder
EGT40.S.NC With Nurse Call Provision (made to order) Made to order – please contact us at 1300 138 086
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