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Delrana Luxury Showers Corner shower grab rail

EGC2 – 25mm Stainless Steel Corner Shower Curtain Rail Kit

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Product Description

Shower curtain rail 25mm stainless steel satin finish for long term service.

Shower curtain rails are  cumbersome to transport or  to manoever in and around the home environment. To that end we designed a flat pack version curtain corner curtain rail . In addition a 90 degree corner shower curtain rail consists of three pieces that can be joined together on site. Furthermore a precision engineered  joiner joins the pieces together by means of a tek screw. Lastly using this method allows to create custom sizes by cutting the stainless steel tubes to the required sizes for left hand or right hand applications.


  • Easier curtain rail transport and onsite handling.
  • Cheaper freight costs to remote areas.
  • The kits can be configured during assembly for either left hand or right hand design applications.


  • The curtain-runners glide quietly and  freely over the tube.
  • Slip-in type flanges
  • The ceiling support can be positioned wherever suitable along the curtain rail.
  • The precision joiner fits snugly into the curtain rail  tube, aligning the joined sections perfectly to another.

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Eisegrip Products

Part No Size
EGC2.120.KIT 1200mm x 1200mm
EGC2.160.KIT 1635mm x 1500mm