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EGS960 Spec Sheet

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Product Description

Accessible shower seats

Axess Trading stainless steel folding shower seat design includes Material 304 satin stainless steel. In addition, the fully tig welded frame ensures long serviceability.

The surface mount design exposes the wall fixings, for that reason we supply stainless steel fasteners with each seat. Also included in the design is the feature of locking support legs. That means that when the seats remain in a folded position the seats then resume a low profile.

Also from a safety perspective, the design prevents inadvertent fold down and preventing injury.

Fold Away Shower Seats  

Builders buy accessible shower seats with white phenolic seat tops for a number of reasons . Six mm slots machined through the seat tops ensure sufficient water drainage. Not only do the slots serve to drain excess water but also to prevent younger users from getting their fingers caught in the slots.

In addition the seats have rounded corners as laid out in the manufacturing specification for accessible shower seats.

The phenolic materials used in the production of shower seats prevents water absorption and makes for easy cleanup. Seats can be cared for by periodical washing with a light detergent to prevent build up of soap scum.

Fitment of accessible fold up shower seats.

Builders and architects design wall structures ensuring that sufficient in wall blocking allows for the required loading of shower seats.

accessible shower seats

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Part No Description Compliance
SHS960S 960mm x 400mm For Accessible Use AS1428.1-2021
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