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Adjustable Accessories

Adjustable accessories occupy a very neccessary place in the surround care bathroom colection. Fitting Profilosmat accesories  to the wall track is easily done at any time and anywhere along the track. In addition accessories enhance the layout and the general ergonomics of care bathrooms. Besides, all of us enjoy having a laundry basket handy or a shelf to deposit toiletries and other personal item on.

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Adjustable Accessories Continued...

Planning for adjustable accesories.

It is very important to plan for bathroom accessories when designing the general layout of any care bathroom. One of the key elements in designing care bathrooms is to allow barrier free access to all accessories and facilities.

As ambulant users we often dont consider the importants of having an uncluttered floor. For people using wheelchairs this presents as hazard and as obstacles to accessing the area or facility needed.

The easy to use Profilosmart accessories make a world of difference in any care bathroom and are by all means worth a closer look.

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