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Product Description

 Modular ramp return.

Modular Grab Rails for wheelchair access ramps.

Builders specialize in building  wheelchair access ramps to homes and buildings. On either side of the access ramp builders have to install grab rails. Furthermore, it is important for the grab rails to follow the angle of incline of the ramp. At Axess Trading we supply a host of flexible modular components for this purpose.

What is a adjustable return ramp handrail? Builders use these products when building wheelchair  ramps to homes. Further, these grab rails form a u turn where ramps need to be longer due to the restricted  incline angles.

Adjustable ramp return modular parts are ready to use , when configured with modular tube sections. Builders buy modular tube sections  in  2000mm lengths and cut them to the required size on site. Furthermore, we stock a variety modular tubes with anti slip surface finishes. Ramp builders buy modular tube sections with a swaged ends to facilitate lineal length installs.  In addition the ramp returns enable the installer to cut them to the precise measurements required on site. Sliding underslung brackets form an integral support system for ram grab rails . These parts facilitate installation at suitable fixing points. Moreover, 180 degree ramp return ends are a mandatory component at the beginning or end of free span grab rails on wheel chair ramps.

Cutting of modular tubes can be done by either using a hacksaw or with an angle grinder or metal cutting drop saw. Careful measurements result in accurate placements of modular components.

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Ready to use modular components for access ramps.

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The AX45 adjustable return ramp return comprises of.

  1.  Two 90°Bends one of which has a swaged end.
  2. Two AX24 sliding brackets
  3. Two dress rings
Part No Description
AX45 Modular Ramp Return Satin ( brushed finish)
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