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  • inverted T shower rail.
  • inverted T shower rail.
Corner shower grab rail

S25 – Inverted T Shower Grabrail

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EGS25 Specification
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Product Description

Inverted T Shower Grab rail –  (Sliding Shower Bracket not included)

These inverted T shower rails get fully TIG welded.

Builders use an inverted T shower grab rail whenever possible. In addition, the vertical rail lends itself for attachment hand shower holders.

Our premier sliding hand shower brackets fit snuggly over the vertical rail, adding to its usefulness. Moreover, the vertical adjustment of the hand shower holder helps users with their shower needs.

In addition, a T shower handrail offers the user a confidence inspiring experience.


Architects and interior designers carefully select shower grab rails for the desired orientation, left hand or righthand positioning of the vertical rail. Conversely, this affects the design and compliance  of any AS1428.1-2009 Accessible shower compartment.


Part No Description A B
EGS25.10.SC As Shown (Left) 400mm 200mm  Made to order – please contact us at 1300 138 086
EGS25.11.SC Opposite Hand 400mm 200mm  Made to order – please contact us at 1300 138 086
EGS25.20.SC Centered 300mm 300mm  Made to order – please contact us at 1300 138 086
EGS25.30.SC As Shown (Left) 500mm 175mm AS1428.1-2009 Accessible*
EGS25.31.SC Opposite Hand 500mm 175mm AS1428.1-2009 Accessible*
EGS26.10.SC As Shown (Left) 175mm 1025mm AS1428.1-2009 Accessible*    Made to order – please contact us
EGS26.11.SC Opposite Hand 1025mm 175mm AS1428.1-2009 Accessible*    Made to order – please contact us

*Compliant with AS1428.1-2009, if installed as per the provisions of the standard

As this is a bulky freight item consider using   S25CR…

Optional grab rail accessories.

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