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Product Description

 Bariatric toilet drop down hand rail.

A bariatric toilet drop down hand rail helps with toilet safety for obese people.

The most commonly used method of defining levels of obesity is the body mass index (BMI). Moreover, the BMI defines your body mass in kilograms divided by the square of your height in metres. A BMI over 30 indicates obesity. Morbidly obese patients have a BMI greater than 40. The world health organisation (WHO) lists the extent of the obesity epidemic as one of the world’s most significant health problems. Therefore, ambulant people with Bariatric conditions require special consideration in relation to bathroom and toilet safety. For that reason, we are cognisant of these requirements and we have developed the T46 Bariatric toilet drop down grab rail to assist people in their daily needs. An Australian design, manufactured by Axess Trading under the EISEGRIP® brand.

For the builder

Heavy-duty drop down toilet rail for vertical loads up to 300kg and side loads up to 160 kg therefore engineers and architects specially design wall structures in buildings for these products. As the loading specifications indicate, the forces on walls have an effect on the structure of the wall. Only suitably qualified people successfully install these products and selected substrate specific fasteners give the required loading results .

The T46 bariatric toilet drop down hand rail design features.

Moreover, for added safety the support legs lock into position to assist in handling the vertical load.  Similarly, a mechanical locking mechanism ensures a secure upright position of the handrail when folded away. Furthermore, customers can buy left hand and right hand rails. Our factory in Ferntree Gully produces bariatric drop down rails in small batch quantities. In addition, the all stainless steel fabrication consists of 38mm tube and 2.5mm sheet metal parts. Builders also order rails with toilet roll holders and nurse call provisions

For that, reason customers consider manufacturing lead times.

Read more about Bariatric conditions….


Eisegrip products.

Part No Description
EGT46.SR Right Hand – Standard Electro Polished
EGT46.SR.NC Right Hand – with Nurse Call Provision Electro Polished
EGT46.SR.TR Right Hand – with Toilet Roll Holder Electro Polished
EGT46.SL Left Hand – Standard Electro Polished
EGT46.SL.NC Left Hand – with Nurse Call Provision Electro Polished
EGT46.SL.TR Left Hand – with Toilet Roll Holder Electro Polished

Made to order – please contact us at 1300 138 086 

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