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Hand Shower Systems for Hospitals & Residential Care

The Delrana brand includes hand shower systems (for hospitals & residential care). Therefore, nurses and carers alike use these premium hand shower kits for patient care. Incidentally, Delrana Luxury Showers have sold shower systems for the past 40 + years. Our dedication to helping Australians save water inspired our range of shower systems. Along with saving water, we have handheld showers that feel comfortable to hold. See our range of light and manageable hand shower sets. We are pleased to be able to offer to the Australian public a premium range of showerheads.

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Hand shower kits

Hand shower systems fitted to vertically orientated grab rails have sliders attached to grab rails. To that end, each slider has a cradle to hold the cone fitting situated on the shower hose. The slider allows showerhead adjustment in an up or down direction as required. The premium shower sliders have a fully adjustable cradle, which gives even more directional adjustment. The length of grab rails used in the kit varies according to requirement.

Variety of shower kits

We have hand shower kits for high-pressure systems as well as systems for low pressure, instantaneous hot water systems. In addition, we have a selection of superior quality hoses in 1.5m and 2.0m lengths. We also have the double interlocked metal-flex hoses and smooth vinyl in chrome or white to suit the hand showers selected.

A good selection of hand showers, rain showers, and wall showerheads including accessories and hoses are on offer. In addition, see the special purpose quick release hose fittings. Hospitals and aged care facilities use these sought after products.


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